Commercial Duct Cleaning Essential Services

Commercial Duct Cleaning Essential Services

The cleaning of commercial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems is often left neglected (out of site out of mind) in our buildings, facilities and visitor environments. This may go unnoticed until someone in the work place or community complains of illness or allergy symptoms or notice an accumulation of dust and debris plastered over ceiling vents or sitting over work stations and office furnishings, that appear to have been disbursed from the air-conditioning vents above.


Commercial duct cleaning is an essential service requirement for any building, facility or visitor environment from a work place health and safety (WHS) and duty of care principle. The building owner or facilities manager should engage a specialist risk management duct cleaning service company (such as Aeration Filtration Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne) to carry out a thorough inspection and evaluation on the condition of the buildings or facilities ventilation system/s. All findings and defects should be documented in a detailed, comprehensive report with remediation recommendations from both an operational and indoor air quality health and hygiene perspective.


The majority of us are aware of what types of contaminants (e.g. dust, debris, carbon and rust deposits, pollen, bacteria, microorganisms and even mould growth) tend to be introduced, reside and possibly even migrate in commercial ventilation systems over a period of time. These issues can be successfully managed and rectified through regular maintenance and duct cleaning, however some issues are unforeseen.


There is no doubt that commercial duct cleaning will improve systems efficiency and improve the overall indoor air quality, but this can only be achieved if the entire system/s is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Don’t be confused – cleaning of the ventilation systems ductwork on its own, is not enough. All components of the ventilation systems require cleaning and in some cases even refurbishment i.e. air handling unit, plenums, internal surfaces of ductwork, heating and cooling coils, mixing boxes, mechanical components and air distribution devices to ensure total systems cleanliness and hygiene. It is worth noting that you should never assume that all commercial duct cleaning providers deliver the same service. Inexperienced personnel and inappropriate cleaning equipment and cleaning methods can lead to damaging systems components and this is just one good reason as to why you should choose a reputable duct cleaning contractor.

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