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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Essential Services

Appropriate ventilation in commercial kitchens is of the upmost importance as cooking vapours and the like need to be exhausted and discharged at an external location. In fact, it’s also imperative that building, restaurants, hotel and food outlet business owners have their exhaust systems professionally cleaned and maintained at regular intervals to eliminate the potential risk of fire.


Building, restaurant, hotels and food outlet owners should be well aware that kitchen exhaust cleaning is an essential service requirement under their building insurance policy and when left neglected, the exhaust system/s become compromised and the risk of fire escalates, which can only lead to disaster.


In many cases, monthly grease filter cleaning and/or exchange services will be a service requirement and the cleaning of the canopies, exhaust plenums, exhaust ductwork and fan assemblies will also need to be cleaned at predetermined intervals and placed on a preventative maintenance cleaning program, that reflects the type and volume of cooking being undertaken. It is also worth noting that many insurance companies now require 6 monthly minimum kitchen exhaust systems cleaning and businesses that use wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves need to consider having their grease filters and hoods cleaned even more regularly.


Today’s hygiene and work place health and safety (WHS) standards are stringent across all industry sectors – not just to protect building owners and the like but to also ensure the safety and well-being of staff, customers and the wider community.


When appointing a kitchen exhaust duct cleaning contractor, consideration should be given to engaging the services of a reputable risk management cleaning contractor (such as Aeration Filtration Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne) to ensure compliance and peace of mind, knowing that your exhaust systems are being maintained by an industry cleaning specialist.


Don’t compromise on your health and safety and the safety of others, establish a service agreement today to ensure your ductwork, filters, canopies and fans remain an asset and not a hazard.

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