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Coil Cleaning
Cleaning & Disinfection Solutions

Periodic cleaning and disinfection of air handling unit (AHU) coils can significantly enhance airflow rates and reduce energy consumption. Heating and cooling coil elements harbouring an accumulation of organic debris, dust particulate, carbon deposits and microbial contaminants can also trigger unforeseen building occupant health-related issues.

Our coil cleaning and disinfection control services incorporate high pressure detergent washing and/or dry vapour steam cleaning of coil elements with antimicrobial treatments, to effectively penetrate, dislodge and remove contaminants deep within the coils and from the coil surfaces.

Our air systems cleaning technicians strictly adhere to standard operating procedures, as incorrect cleaning equipment and techniques can lead to unnecessary replacement costs due to damage.

Pressure drop reading across the coils are undertaken to measure air flow efficiency rates prior, during and after the remediation process.