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HVAC Refurbishment
Inspection, Condition Reporting, Cleaning & Remediation

Commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems components that have been neglected from a maintenance and or hygiene perspective can compromise ventilation systems efficiency and have a direct impact on indoor air quality standards.

Aeration Filtration understands the health risks to building occupants and the complexity involved in identifying, addressing and eradicating biological contaminants harbouring HVAC systems.

Our service personnel have the technical expertise and know-how to deal with the challenges of accessing and remediating systems components to bring them back to their pre-loss condition, which in most cases will be far less than the cost of replacement.

The degree of difficulty of the refurbishment process will depend largely upon the nature and extent of the damage and may include protective coatings, sealants and antimicrobial treatments to protect and prolong the integrity and life expectancy of the refurbished components.