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Ventilation Systems Cleaning
Laundry, Toilet, Bathroom, Change Room, Carpark & General Exhausts

The purpose of ventilation exhaust systems is to control exposure to airborne contaminants via extraction and discharge from a particular space or work area i.e. a car park exhaust is designed to aid in exhausting fumes and carbon monoxide deposits.

Exhaust systems, in most cases, are specifically designed to match the type of environment and the rate of contaminant that needs to be exhausted and discharged.

Laundry, toilet, bathroom, change rooms, carpark and general exhaust systems components harbouring various types and levels of contamination i.e. dirt, dust, organic debris, carbon deposits and lint, need to be inspected and cleaned as required. Heavily contaminated systems components can lead to odour issues, systems inefficiency and the potential risk of fire.

Aeration Filtration can assist with inspection and cleaning of any Commercial and Industrial ventilation system.